Revolutionize Your City’s Traffic With AI

Robometic’s cutting-edge AI traffic management solutions reduce congestion, improve safety, and keep your city moving smoothly.

Optimized traffic flow

Real-time data, predictive analytics, and adaptive controls

Intelligent Traffic Flow Prediction

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms predict future traffic conditions and patterns with high accuracy. Armed with these predictive insights, traffic planners can proactively manage demand through targeted strategies such as:
– Dynamically adjusting traffic signal timing to match predicted flows
– Identifying potential bottlenecks and congestion hotspots before they occur
– Optimally allocating resources and planning routes based on anticipated conditions

Responsive, Real-Time Signal Control

While traditional traffic signals rely on fixed timing schedules, Robometic’s adaptive AI control system reacts to actual conditions as they unfold. By perpetually monitoring traffic flows, our self-adjusting signals automatically optimize their timing in real-time to match demand. This maximizes throughput on critical, high-volume roads while minimizing stops and delays for a smoother, more efficient traffic flow.

Rapid Incident Detection & Resolution

Accidents, disabled vehicles, wrong-way drivers, and other traffic incidents are detected the instant they happen by our AI-powered video analytics. This enables authorities to immediately dispatch response teams while making crucial adjustments, such as:
– Diverting traffic to alternate routes to clear the incident scene
– Updating nearby signal timing to alleviate the impact
– Proactively managing traffic flow in the affected area to minimize delays

Advanced AI models

Future-Proof AI Solutions

Our advanced AI models continuously analyze vast amounts of historical and live traffic data from cameras, sensors, and connected vehicles across your city.

Versatile AI Capabilities for Total Traffic Awareness

Beyond core optimization, Robometic’s AI engine supports a wide range of valuable traffic management applications.


Licence Plate Recognition

– Automatic License Plate Recognition to identify and track vehicles of interest.


Vehicle Classification

Detailed Vehicle Classification to analyze traffic mix by vehicle type.


Speeding Violations

Automated Violation Detection for offenses like speeding, phone usage, and seatbelt/helmet infractions.


Wrong Way Entry

Wrong Way, Wrong Lane, and Illegal Parking enforcement.


Traffic Surveys

Comprehensive Traffic Surveys and Vehicle Counts for data-driven planning.


Enhanced Safety Enforcement

Detecting instances of no helmets and no seat belts, contributing to improved road safety.


Advanced Road Traffic Management

Our revolutionary platform, powered by AI and real-time data analytics, is not only reshaping traffic flow and monitoring but also paving the way for model smart cities.

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